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Friday, January 18, 2008

dear u...

for the past few weeks, i often to see a movie at the cinema. the movie was the warlord, i am legend, code name:cleaner, national treasure and the newest was the gameplan.

i was very unsatisfied with the warlord. 3*** for will smith, 3*** to the egent cleaner and 3.5*** for nicoles cage and his frends.

for the game plan, truly i want to give 5***** to the rock and the little cute lady and also all the gang for their performance in this film. i was laughed, i was touched, somebody in the hall was come to tears i believe. good writting, good story, but just got a little boring in the quater and a little jerk joke from the rock and the whiteguy. and the final result, i was really got the satisfaction to see this movie.


  • dear u back,

    dah jarang sangat dapat tgk wayang kecuali yg melibatkan press sreening. btw, ni serba sedikit penilaian peribadi utk movie yg sudah ditonton :

    Anak Halal - * * * *
    KMBM - * * * *
    Cuci - * *
    American Gangster - * * * 1/2
    Beowulf - * * * *


    CJ7 - tak sabar nak tunggu!
    Elizabeth - Selasa ni.
    Rambo 4 - Khamis ni pra-tontonnya.

    By Blogger areyoung, at 5:28 PM  

  • saya pun tgh tunggu cerita cj7, cuci, rambo4 dan 2 lagi cerita yg dh kuar trailer die... tapi tak ingat tajuk.. (1. yg ada robot mcm robot cerita short circuit. 2. ada angelina jolie, action movie)

    By Blogger oe~, at 10:09 AM  

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